Electrical Resistivity Survey

Electrical resistivity of the soil can be considered as a proxy for the spatial and temporal variability of many…

Borehole Drilling

Water Borehole drilling involves drilling and casing a hole to access groundwater.

RC Reverse Circulation Drilling

Reverse Circulation drilling, ideal for collecting samples from the ground and for pile foundation works.

Borehole Flushouts

It is actually cleaning and disinfecting existing boreholes by applying high pressure within the borehole with…

Capacity Testing

An often overlooked step, Capacity testing is used to determine the maximum sustainable drawdown..

Dewatering Wells

Groundwater control is a fundamental part of many construction or mining projects where excavation…

Submersible Pumps Installations

We install state of the art efficient submersible pumps guaranteed to last.

We Also Offer Following Services

  • Complete Range of GEO Physical Surveys
  • Industrial Process Borehole
  • Irrigation & Agricultural Boreholes
  • Well Designing
  • Water Sampling
  • Development of Wells
  • Short and Long Term Pump Testing
  • Pump Testing with Air Compressors
  • Piezometer Installation
  • Flow Meter Installations
  • Scavenger Tube Wells
  • Pile foundation Drilling Works
  • Earthing Wells
  • Aquifer Injection Wells
  • Thrust Boring
  • Rehabilitation Work of Wells